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Regal Beagle
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Brand: Regal Beagle
Style: Blonde
Release: Rotation

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Introducing our S'more Stout - a delectable creation that combines the rich and robust flavors of a classic stout with the nostalgic charm of everyone's favorite campfire treat. This artisanal brew is carefully crafted to provide a delightful taste experience that will transport you back to cozy evenings around the campfire.

Our S'more Stout pours a deep, velvety black with a luscious tan head, inviting you to take your first sip. As you bring the glass to your lips, the aroma is like a warm embrace of roasted marshmallows and decadent chocolate, with a subtle hint of graham crackers. It's as if you've just skewered a marshmallow on a stick and held it over the crackling flames.

With each sip, you'll be treated to the harmonious dance of flavors. The roasted malts provide a solid foundation, imparting notes of dark chocolate and coffee, while the sweetness of the marshmallow and the gentle nuttiness of graham cracker intermingle beautifully. The sweetness is balanced with a touch of bitterness, giving this stout a smooth and velvety mouthfeel.

At 5.5% ABV, our S'more Stout is a sessionable delight, making it perfect for those cool evenings by the campfire, or simply for savoring with friends on any occasion. The finish is both satisfying and lingering, leaving you with the comforting aftertaste of s'mores that will have you coming back for more.

This craft-brewed S'more Stout is a celebration of the great outdoors and the joy of sharing stories by the fire. It's a perfect blend of nostalgia and craft brewing expertise, encapsulating the essence of a classic treat in a bottle. So, grab a glass, gather around, and let the flavors of our S'more Stout transport you to those cherished moments of campfire bliss.


  • $10 for first 4-pack
  • $20 2-6 4-Packs

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