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Angry Horse Brewing Wins Chelamania Contest with Caballo Bravo Mexican Lager

Montebello, CA - Angry Horse Brewing has won the Chelamania contest with their Caballo Bravo Mexican lager in an event hosted by BLVD MRKT and Alchemy Craft.  

Only eight L.A. breweries, renowned for their exceptional Mexican lagers, were handpicked and invited to compete in the event. Each brewery went head-to-head in a bracket-style, single elimination competition with Angry Horse’s Caballo Bravo winning by a landslide. 

"We were excited to be invited to participate in Chelamania this year along with so many other great breweries," said Nathan McCusker, President and Co-Founder of Angry Horse Brewing. “It's an honor to have Caballo Bravo among so many noteworthy Mexican lagers.  We love brewing Caballo Bravo.  It's one of our most popular beers and is so easy to drink. With summer right around the corner, it's the perfect beer to bring with you to the beach or to a BBQ.”

Caballo Bravo is described as a refreshing Mexican lager that pours a radiant golden hue, reminiscent of a sunlit Mexican afternoon. With a pristine clarity and effervescence that sparkles like pure gold, it beckons beer enthusiasts to indulge in its inviting allure. 

Award-winning Angry Horse Brewing was founded in 2017 and has released over 100 beers at their Montebello, CA Taproom.  The Angry Horse team is committed to building a world-class brand by brewing craft beer with a meticulous attention to quality, consistency, and heightened, robust flavors. 

Co-Founder, Nathan McCusker, believes building a diverse community around the craft industry is a key to a more sustainable and unbiased society for all.  Philanthropy is a cornerstone of their business model, as is their dedication to diminishing carbon footprints and creating a safe environment for those without living spaces.

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